epidemiologist & 

Research Assistant Professor


Career path:

Research Assistant Professor, Epidemiologist


University of South Florida, Tampa


Virginia Commonwealth University, Doctor of Philosophy in Epidemiology

Brown University School of Public Health, Master of Public Health

Bates College, Bachelor of Science in Spanish


Meet Monique J. Brown, PhD, a Research Assistant Professor at the University of South Florida, Tampa. Monique is passionate about the intersection of behavioral health, HIV, geriatrics and epidemiology. Monique's research dives into the pandemic of HIV and sexual transmission of disease among the aging population. Originally from Jamaica, Monique grew up close to an older uncle and grandaunt. Until Monique's research led her to aging, she never considered a career in the space. 

Monique first became interested in aging research through awesome mentors who were passionate about their research among older populations: Dr. Kate Lapane in pharmacoepidemiology, Dr. Steven Cohen in caregiving, and Dr. Briana Mezuk in psychiatric epidemiology.  Through Monique's research in HIV, she recognized that we were in an era where sexual health was not a priority topic for older adults but that due to improvements in antiretroviral therapy that people were living longer with HIV.  Therefore, sexually transmitted infections, such as HIV, was a growing concern for older adults.  Nevertheless, so little research was being conducted on sexual health among older populations.  As a result, Monique have decided to make sexual health, and HIV and aging focal points in her research career.

Most of Monique's training in aging research were through research graduate assistantships including her PhD program in Epidemiology at the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine.  Through this experience, she learned that aging populations were sometimes forgotten in specific research areas, but this should not be so, given that they have laid a foundation for younger generations and continue to be the cornerstone of our society.

Dr. Monique J Brown's career advice: "My advice to students (younger or older) who would like to pursue a career in aging is to follow your passion.  Your work or research in aging will impact populations now and for years to come.”