caregiver & Nursing student


Career path:

Certified Nursing Assistant and Nursing Student 


Lindsey Clark


Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Meet Kendra, a nursing student with a passion for working with older adults. Kendra discovered her interest in a career in aging while working as a Nursing Assistant (Direct Care Worker) at Clark Lindsey, a Life Plan Community. 

Working as a Nursing Assistant or a Direct Care worker is a wise route for pre-health students who need to build competitive resumes. There is a massive unmet demand for these jobs and helping to bridge the demand gap gives students relevant and impactful experience. 

Kendra's nursing program required her to work as a Nursing Assistant early on in her coursework. Although, Kendra did not previously plan to specialize in geriatric nursing, her experience getting to know the residents and see them as people who have lived amazing and brilliant lives, led her to this focus.