What is the future of work?

Below are stories from young professionals and students who are doing well while doing good in the largest unaddressed workforce shortage and labor trend. These demographic trends are changing what we learn and work on throughout our careers. In America, this cohort will out number the under 18 population for the first time, creating a labor demand of 5 million multidisciplinary professionals - 1.2 million of those in the senior living industry alone. 

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Are you a student or young professional?

Careers in aging were not on our radars while we were in school. We are architects, bankers, executive directors, entrepreneurs, nurses, social workers, technologists, etc. Most of us landed in the field of aging services and careers related to longevity by happenstance and we couldn't be happier.

Let us help you explore a wide array of careers that have enabled us to pursue mission-driven work in a growing field. 

Are you an educator?

Are you a career advisor or educator? Connect your students to fulfilling career opportunities with opportunities for advancement. Tap into the growing labor demand for multidisciplinary professionals in aging and longevity with Connect The Ages.

Share our 2D and Virtual Reality content geared to students, engage our local guest lecturers, and connect your students to grassroots programming that impacts the workforce shortage, connects students to community, and bridges the generations. 


Engage in the value of the population you serve, reduce isolation, and recruit all at the same time. The goals of Connect The Ages are to build awareness about careers in aging, connect to students in the classroom, build opportunities to engage with older people, and ultimately connect young people to careers in aging.


Grassroots campaigns of young professionals in aging to share experiences with students in the classroom. 


Create inspiring multimedia awareness tools for educators and students to learn about careers in aging.


Connect high school, career and technical, and college students to job, internship, and mentorship opportunities.


Build career ladders and bend multiple cost curves by connecting 5 million young people to careers in aging.

Our why

We are multidisciplinary professionals in aging and longevity who believe that younger generations have a great deal to benefit from the wisdom and life experiences of older generations. 


Connect The Ages is on a mission to connect 5 million students and young professionals to multidisciplinary career, internship and volunteer opportunities with older generations by 2025.


An America that values and enables opportunities for our old and young.


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Connect The Ages was founded by longevity and technology entrepreneur, Amanda Cavaleri. While traveling abroad to research the best in class tech and business models for older adults, one comment / question combo continually surfaced in meetings. "You're so young. Why are you in aging?" Amanda realized that America's youth-obsession was the root of why young people don't naturally pursue careers in aging and why most of her young peers found themselves (gratefully) in aging. She didn't realize that most countries were also having workforce shortages and having a difficult time recruiting young talent. Upon returning from a trip to China and South Korea, she was haunted by this problem.

She began experimenting with other young professionals in aging about how to share our love of this industry with other young professionals and students. Volunteers including technologists, real estate developers, nurses, bankers, filmmakers, architects, educators laid the groundwork for Connect The Ages. These young professionals and students are fulfilled in their work and feel fortunate to have found careers in aging, and most of us landed here by chance. Connect The Ages intends to make working with older generations an intended destination for Millennials and Generation Z. 

Connect The Ages was formed because, despite incredible demand, young people do not have careers in aging on their radars. Connect The Ages is building multimedia awareness tools and grassroots campaigns to help younger generations see and experience the value in older generations. This group of talented individuals is driven to bridge the gap between educators and students and the demands of an aging America. Connect The Ages is thrilled to unveil the opportunity of a lifetime - the opportunity to do well while doing good. Together, we will build a workforce pipeline for our grandparents, our parents and eventually ourselves.